Spontaneous Youth

We are helping you, the young people of today, be more spontaneous, leading you to greater aptitude in many areas of life; increasing social, emotional intelligence and building self-worth and opinion to be able to access the height of your comedic self.  

For our youth of today, we seek to: 
  • Enrich young lives with the inclusive and inspirational methods of improvisation 
  • Enhance and develop the key skills of youth in schools and in the community 
  • Encourage social, active and playful interaction   

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Upcoming Events 

3-Day Summer Programme
27th - 29th July 10am until 5pm 

Benefits of Improv Comedy

Creating comedy is at the core of Spontaneous Youth. We know that enhancing the natural talent in you will bring personal brilliance. You, when being involved in improv comedy, will become: more confident; improved communication; develop your comedic voice and participate in a supportive community. Young people have said that it has helped them in their writing, as they are freer to express their thoughts and form connections between theories and be working at the higher analytical strength to 'create'. It is obviously a lot of fun and releases tension and engages us in playfulness that can quickly be drained from the day to day chores.

What will you discover from improvising? Contact us and let's find out. Please get in touch if you have an interest in being involved; we'd love to hear from you.

Case Studies and History 

In the past we have worked with young people and still do and will. From 2010, Keates formed a performing youth improv company that ran productions in other people's youth events and improv comedy nights. Ludus Ludius have been to various cities including Bristol and London to perform. They are working on corporate events and community workshops at the moment. They also have begun performing internationally. In 2007, Keates ran 'Improv and Comedy' in an American Summer camp where the camp director had decided to take the risk of letting the new activity exist. At the end of the summer season, the director asked for Keates to return and said that they really enjoyed the workshops. The camp was for children with special needs; they had a focus on people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions. From 2009, Keates ran 'Free Play' and 'Improv' for youth with disabilities in a youth centre in Cardiff. During his volunteering for the organisation, Keates gained a lot of attention and enabled the release that many of the children wanted. Keates was able to engage the children in becoming spontaneous and even put on various shows that had positive responses.   Productions The productions we are currently working on for you all is listed below.  

School Assemblies:

  • Internet Safety 
  • Revision 
  • Anti-bullying 
  • Cultural Understanding    

These can be free for a local school that wishes to use our services for a first time. We promote self-awareness; independence and motivation; social and collaboration; cultural exploration and how improv comedy delivers these in part. In a full assembly, we delve into further details about the subjects and elaborate on the methods and approaches. Each topic is a key part of education and personal development in accordance to government policy, such as: British Values; Equality; Child-Protection and Safeguarding; Duty of Care; School and College Accountability.   

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