Sunday, 14 January 2018

British Improv Games (Spontaneous Youth)

Spontaneous Theatre Company / Spontaneous Youth presents
British Improv Games
National and City Improv Comedy Tournament

About the game
The British Improv Games (BIG) is an improv comedy tournament for 7 to 18-year olds. There are two leagues: national and city-wide. The events, or ‘Games’, each test the young improvisers in a variety of ways. Their improv skills will need to be attuned to the needs of the whole spectacle of the competition and their production that the team creates live for the audience.
A Game entails two sets of improv, where each team gets 25 minutes to perform. The three judges mark the performance on the completion of the set criteria for the round being played.
For the national leagues, there is the annual ‘finals’ tournament that is held in a different hosting city each year. This is normally held in July. Each participating city can enter one team into the nationals.
There are 5 difference categories that the teams will each be challenged on:
  • Creating a complete production
  • Exploration of relationships
  • Adopting a playful attitude
  • Being an ensemble
  • Using their comedic voice

Each team will play against all other teams in their league. The leagues are constructed of 5 teams and the teams consist of 5 to 8 players.

In order to participate in the Games, everybody must have membership to the tournament. A coach from Spontaneous Theatre company must have spent at least 12 hours assisting any team entering a league. It is possible to purchase membership or get given it via Spontaneous Youth classes. Memberships includes administration fee; team hoodies; a coach (excluding their expenses for the sessions); and a production guide. 
Currently the production website is under construction: (temporary site for information)

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