Sunday, 19 June 2016

Youth Improv Comedy (Bristol, UK)

It has been a long discussion, which is still ongoing, about the best way to bring improv comedy to the youth of today. That could well be you. Due to the nature of our work, any idea is welcomed. We can deliver our sessions in schools, youth centres, and obviously directly to young people via a community workshop setting. Over the time passed and in our past, we have enabled many young people to get to grips with improvisation. There is plenty more to be done, and specifically in Bristol.

Now is the opportunity to discover spontaneity, communication, inter-personal skills. Find your funny together, as we develop the comedic minds of you, the young people involved, and create magic from nothing.

"[The] improv workshop made for an inspiring and refreshing change from the school routine. It was brilliant for building up students' confidence and willingness to take risks, not to mention being great fun." (Dr. Thomas, Head of English, 2014, Bath)

"Playing on freedom and destruction was very beneficial." (Anonymous, 2015, France [Teen Impro Festival])

"Improv has helped me throughout school by helping me use my imagination. Especially in English, it has helped me to start writing in more creative ways and now becoming more complex." (Luke, 2011, Cardiff)

"It was really good, can we do it again?" (Daniel, 2014, Bath)

"Nathan was really funny." (Charlotte, 2014, Bath)

"It was a fun and inspirational activity." (Zac, 2014, Bath)

"I wouldn't hesitate to do it again." (Bryan, 2014, Bath)

"How fantastic to give our students this opportunity to try something completely new and to watch even the shy students throw themselves into the activities with great gusto and enthusiasm. As an improv enthusiast myself, I can well imagine the effect more improv workshops would have on our students in terms of building up creative and personal confidence and learning to collaborate with others." (Ms. Martin, School Librarian, 2014, Bath)

We advocate improvisation for everyone. Whether the interest is in comedy, acting or something highly unrelated, these will bring people together to offer useful skills in all areas of life. The group will explore spontaneity and how you can apply these skills to create comedy on the spot. Our discoveries will search how we use fun to enhance performance. It could be said to be obvious that this would be engaging to see and definitely energizing for the performers. Playfulness gets people to play well together: collaboration is a ever-growing need in society. Therefore, we cover basic elements of improvisation such as listening, agreement and adding, commitment and support and various others. Improv comedy is an open art form, we seek freedom and honesty in our comedy!

Book onto the three day improv comedy intensive for young people. 27th - 29th July, 10 AM - 5 PM, Bristol. 
BACs payment only. (currently)

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